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Associated Press photos say Peyton Manning is the 2009 NFL MVP

One of our readers noticed that the photos on Yahoo! Sports featuring Peyton Manning had the following tagline recently inserted:

Manning has been selected as The Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player of the Year.

The photos that our readers are viewing there are the same ones we use here. We get them sent to us from Associated Press, which just so happens to be the sponsor for the NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

So, if the AP pictures are claiming that Manning is the AP NFL Most Valuable Player... yeah, that's pretty much AP letting the cat out of the bag early; not that there was any real doubt or suspense as to who the MVP was.

This award is Peyton Manning's fourth NFL MVP. That is an NFL record. No other player in 89 years of NFL history has ever won four MVPs. This means Manning has eclipsed Unitas, Brown, Favre, Montana, Elway, Starr, Baugh, Payton, and just about every other great player you could ever think of. Four MVP awards takes Peyton Manning one step closer to that "Best of All-Time" title. We've seen people like Jets coach Rex Ryan call him the best ever, and the statement has been echoed in the media by Trent Dilfer and others. Since no other person has won four MVPs, the "Best of All-Time" moniker now carries even more weight.

Congrats on the big award, Big P! Now, let's go win another damn Super Bowl so we can add more metal to your trophy case.

Go Colts! Go Peyton!