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Chris Johnson, loser Titans running back, acts like a schmuck on Twitter

A tiny little Tweet from Chris Johnson regarding Peyton Manning winning the 2009 NFL MVP:

Do anybody got payton address I got to go get my award

I look forward to future Tweets from CJ on this subject. He'll have plenty of time to do them. His Titans missed the playoffs this season after starting 0-6, and were swept by the Colts this season. Meanwhile, the four time MVP named Peyton Manning will play in the Divisional Round next week.

Seriously Chris. The guy is in every commercial on TV. How can you possibly misspell his name unless you are simply THAT dense?

Also, little side note for Chris and any other silly loser who thinks CJ should have won the 2009 MVP: In the two games between the Colts and Titans this year, Chris Johnson ran for over 100 yards only once, averaged just a shade over 4.0 yards a carry, and did not score a single TD running or receiving. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning threw for nearly 600 yards combined and 4 TDs to only 1 INT. The Colts won both games. If the Titans, who ended the season 8-8, win either one of those games over the Colts, they are likely playing today.

MVPs show up and play well in big games. Manning did. CJ didn't.

39.5 first place votes for Manning pretty much tell the story here, CJ. Kindly shut up and focus more on winning next year and not on meaningless rushing statistics.

The Tweet is courtesy of Andrew Sharp at who, like CJ, is pretty clueless in his own right. From Andrew:

If you look at it as an award for the most valuable player on a great team... Then fine. It's either Peyton Manning or Phillip Rivers. But was anyone more valuable than Chris Johnson? Can you imagine the Titans without him? Would they have even won four games? Three?

Yes, can you imagine what the Titans would be without Chris Johnson? They'd be (gasp!) a team not playing in January! OMFG!

Oh wait. The didn't qualify for the post-season, did they?

Thanks for playing, Andrew.