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NFL Week Five Gameday Morning: Brett Favre Is 41

Adam Schefter Tweets:

Happy 41st birthday to Grandpa Brett Favre.

Brett's been in the news a lot recently. In case you didn't know (because you have some sort of magic sound filter in your ears that tunes out the words 'brett,' 'favre,' and 'dong'), my friend A.J. Daulerio at Deadspin got a hold of voicemails and pictures which seem to implicate Brett Favre in sexually harassing a New York Jets employee back in 2008, when he played for that team.

While the whole situation is rather ugly, it has been humorous to watch ESPN uncomfortably wiggle in their Sports Center chairs at the notion that a blog, Deadspin, got a huge scope on a player whose butt is permanently stitched to the lips of ESPN's writers and producers. 

Oh, and in case you care, Favre, Randy Moss, and the Vikings play the Jets this week. Should be fun.

AP and Coaches' Top 25 polls should be out in a bit. It's likely Ohio State is the new #1.

Oh, and later today, the Colts host the Chiefs.

Chit-chat away while we wait for the Colts injury and inactives list to spawn in our email inbox, or on the Internets.