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The Quote Machine: Colts 19, Chiefs 9

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 10: Jim Caldwell of the Indianapolis Colts looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 10: Jim Caldwell of the Indianapolis Colts looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
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Coach Jim Caldwell (10/10/10)

On Mike Hart:

Mike did a nice job for us. He came through, battled through a couple of injuries during the course of the week. Came in and certainly gave a heck of an effort to get the ball in the end zone. So he did some good things for us.

On the performance of the Colts defense:

Defense did a heck of a job, against, I think, a high powered offense. That does a tremendous job of both in the air and on the ground. They did a great job in terms of just hanging in there, making a lot of big plays. They got in the redzone on us twice and they came away with one field goal which was huge for us. I think the third down conversions were huge. I think they only made 1 out of 10, I believe it was. Overall I think our defense played inspired. I think they played tough. They tackled well and obviously caused one turnover. I think they did a nice job.

On the play of Pierre Garcon:

He made some tough catches out there. Matter of fact, Pierre ran around well. It was great to see him back out there. He helped us not only in terms of the passing game, but also blocking. I told Reggie (Wayne), he has made a lot of great catches over the years, but he made some tough ones today with guys kind of climbing on his back in traffic. Very, very difficult ones that were huge in terms of keeping the chains moving for us. Those guys, I think all of them in that area did a nice job of catching the ball, giving us an opportunity to score points.

Peyton Manning (10/10/10)

On Chiefs defensive gameplan:

It is very much the same system. It is similar to what he (Romeo Crennel) did in Cleveland the two times we played them when he was there. That is kind of how they played us the past couple of times. Played against him dropping a lot of guys in pass coverage, kind of testing your patience. You have to avoid penalties and third and longs. Third and longs those can be tough. We talk about just trying to stay in phase, being effective on first and second down and we did it at times and other times we didn’t do that and forced us to give the ball back.

On being frustrated kicking field goals:

I don’t know if it is frustrating, because that is kind of what you have to prepare for coming into this game. We really thought we could move the ball. It was frustrating getting down there close to the goal line and we thought we had a good red zone plan, but just a couple Chiefs made some good plays down there. Disappointing turnover. Poor decision, poor throw on my part. Our defense did a good job of holding them to three and we had a good drive at the end of the fourth quarter that put the game away. Certainly there are things we can work on and improve on, but that is kind of the game we expected coming in.

On where the Colts are after five games:

The expectations are always that there will be some unknowns. There has been a lot of shuffling around. We have some new players in there. It was good to get Pierre (Garcon) back out there. Today it was his first game since the opener. Joseph (Addai) got banged up today. I think every week is like it is in the NFL. We are trying to do what we have to do on that week to win. People want to compare the previous seasons and what we have done, plays of our offense and that is something that we are not really doing. We are trying to form the identify of this team and that is something that will progress throughout the season.


Joseph Addai (10/10/10)

On his injured shoulder:

I won't actually know that (tonight), tomorrow that's kind of when you feel more the aches and pains. Right now, I can manage it, turning to the left is kind of sore. Tomorrow, I will have a better feel on how I'm feeling as far as my shoulder/neck area.


Adam Vinatieri (10/10/10)

On going 4-4 on field goals:

You never know what the course of a game is going to go like and every game is different. Sometimes you’re scoring touchdowns all the time, and today we had a little tougher time getting in the end zone until right there at the end. When you go out there and put some points up and kind of keep them behind us and have them chasing us, it’s kind of a good thing. I know it would’ve been nice to get a couple of touchdowns in the red zone, but field goals are a good thing. I was happy to get out there and help the team win a game.


Daniel Muir (10/10/10)

On people discounting the defense:

That’s what people talk about. Defense, what is wrong with us? One thing I fought myself on was paying attention to it. We can come out here and play with anybody. It’s a reminder for everybody. We have to come out and play.