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Donald Brown And Anthony Gonzalez Return To Practice For Colts

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I remain guarded in my optimism when reading this news, but Anthony Gonzalez and Donald Brown returned to practice on Monday.

Gonzo has been out since he sustained an ankle injury in Week One, and Donald Brown has nursed a hamstring injury since Week Three.

The reason I'm not overly excited about Gonzo and Brown's return to practice is that the Monday 'practice' after a game is, essentially, a film watching session. Remember, Bob Sanders 'practiced' the Monday after sustaining a biceps injury which probably has ended his season. The Colts still have not placed him on IR, holding out some kind of slim hope he may return in December.

Getting Brown back is more vital at this point than Gonzo returning. We don't know the extent of Joseph Addia's shoulder injury. If he is out for Sunday night's contest with the Redskins, the Colts will need Brown to step up and carry much of the rushing load.

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