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Week Six Quick Recap: Colts 27, Redskins 24

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On a night which in which Joseph Addai had the longest run of his career (46 yards) and Pierre Garcon busted out of his funk in a huge way (4 catches, 103 yards, 1 TD), the key stat of the game was that the Colts were really able to impose their will on the Redskins by running the football right. down. their. throats.

28 rushes. 170 yards. 1 touchdown.

We've given this offensive line a lot of grief this season for their general inept play. Tonight, they showed up BIG TIME. Hats off to them.

Tons of game balls to be dished out. One person who will not get one is Kenneth Moore. Two fumbles on punts returns, one lost. The only thing that guy's getting is a pink slip tomorrow.

Despite the special teams miscues (Adam Vinatieri had a 48-yard field goal blocked as well) the offense came to play after performing somewhat poorly last week. For me, this game really belongs to the o-line. Despite a few times where the Redskins were able to get to Peyton Manning, the guys up front seemed to block well tonight. Been a long time since we ran for 170 yards. Hopefully, Addai's shoulder is OK. He left in the fourth quarter after injuring it. Not sure at this time if it is the same shoulder that he hurt last week.

Chat away and offer your thoughts on the game. Despite our team's many flaws, 4-2 entering the bye week is pretty decent.

Go Colts!