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Colts Corner Kelvin Hayden Was Sick Last Night Against Redskins

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This doesn't excuse Kelvin Hayden all-around poor play so far for the 2010 season, but it does give us an idea as to why he struggled last night.

From my good friend John Oehser:

#Colts CB Kelvin Hayden missed some time late in the fourth quarter because of illness. Said in the locker room Mond he was sick much of Sun

We all know Kelvin can play well at corner. He's talented. He works hard. He's a fighter. For some reason this year, he has simply not played well. Drops interceptions. Silly penalties. Stuff you cannot have from a veteran player getting paid $43 million dollars.

Hopefully, both Kelvin's immune system and his play on the football field get well soon.