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NFL Trade Rumors: Should The Colts Trade For Richard Seymour?

This weekend, Adam Schefter reported that the Raiders are interested in trading anyone on their roster by tomorrow's trading deadline. Naturally, the Raiders denied the report, which means Schefter's reporting is completely, 100% accurate.

Earlier today, in an article for, my friend Brian Galliford listed the Colts as a team that needs to pull a trade to remain a contender. Brian wrote:

It seems the Colts struggle to defend the run annually, and are constantly looking to fortify their run defense. In 2006, they acquired Anthony McFarland at the trade deadline, and he helped them win a Super Bowl. They had a deal in place for Buffalo's John McCargo in 2008 before a failed physical derailed the acquisition. This year, Daniel Muir and in particular Fili Moala aren't getting the job done. Can Bill Polian find another player for his beleaguered run defense at the trade deadline?

Assessing the DT market: There's not much rumored to be out there, at least in the way of a bigger-name acquisition. Still, it wouldn't shock us if Polian made a move for a younger player, even if it's not via the trade market. Unless, of course, he's interested in taking a shot at Albert Haynesworth. (Yeah, probably not.)

FYI: Richard Seymour plays for the Raiders. Richard Seymour is 6'6, 310 pound defensive lineman. See where I'm going with this?

We Colts fans are well aware of Richard Seymour. For years, he terrorized the interior of the Colts offensive line when he was a d-lineman for the Patriots. The Pats traded Seymour, arguably their best interior lineman, last season for a 2011 first round pick. The result was the Patriots getting destroyed by the Ravens in the playoffs 33-14. New England surrendered 234 rushing yards in that game.

Now, I'm not here to suggest that the current 31-year-old version of Richard Seymour is the same as the one who was a catalyst for three Super Bowls in New England. But, we do know that the guy still has ability, and he definitely knows how to win. His numbers last season (16 starts, 4 sacks, 47 tackles) were on par with his average numbers with the Patriots. In 2008, he tied a career high with 8 sacks.

Even 4 sacks would be an improvement for a team like the Colts. Last year, Daniel Muir had a breakout season of sorts, earning 52 tackles. However, he only had half a sack. Eric Foster had 2.5. I personally can't remember the last time the Colts had a DT who got as many as 4 sacks.

Tony McCoy?

Elis Johnson?

Tony Siragusa?

I'm not necessarily in favor of the Colts trading for a DT, but if Indy traded a pick for Richard Seymour, I'd cheer. It's not like Bill Polian's draft picks on defensive linemen have panned out of late. Fili Moala (second round, 2009) isn't lighting the world on fire (12 total tackles, no sacks) and all the other tackles (Muir, Foster, and Antonio Johnson) are low end free agent acquisitions.

The only hitch to getting Seymour is he is making over $12 million dollars this season. He's playing under the franchise tag, which means the Colts could lease him this season and then let him walk if things don't work out.

For me, I think the Colts need o-line and safety help. But, if Richard Seymour were to become a Colts d-lineman this season, I would not protest. When motivated and healthy, Seymour is a difference maker. So far this season, the Colts have not been good stopping the run and generating rush from the interior of their line. Seymour would provide a spark to both those weak areas if the Colts could trade for him.

Remember, back in 2006, the Colts were willing to give up a second round pick for Anthony  'Booger' McFarland. Richard Seymour is light years better than Booger was back then.