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Joseph Addai Did Not Suffer 'A Separated Shoulder'

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The Indianapolis Star has some updated info on Joseph Addai's shoulder, which he injured against the Redskins Sunday night:

Walking slowly through the locker room Monday afternoon, the veteran running back was asked if he had time to chat.

"Training room,'' Addai said.

He casually pointed in that direction with his right index finger. Addai's left arm was in a sling, the results of a shoulder injury sustained during the fourth quarter Sunday evening.

On his Monday evening radio show, team president Bill Polian said it appears Addai did not suffer "a separated shoulder or anything like that'' when he was hit by Redskins linebacker London Fletcher.

"That's kind of the good news,'' Polian said. "They're doing more tests and we'll know more later in the week.''

Hopefully, those tests will spell good news for Addai, who is having one of his better seasons this year rushing for 406 yards and averaging 4.4 a carry.

Normally, we listen to the Bill Polian Show and transcribe the good parts of it. But, I'll be honest with you folks, I'm still getting over flu-like stuff, and last night I just fell asleep on the couch watching the snore-fest that was the Monday Night Football contest between the Titans and Jaguars. Sorry, I'm a lazy bastard, I know.