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NFL Trade Rumors: So, Albert Haynesworth And The Colts... You Like?

The NFL's trading deadline is 4pm today. SB Nation's own Brian Galliford thinks the Colts need to make a trade to stay contenders. I agree with him. This team, as constructed right now, is not a Super Bowl team. We're 4-2 and that's outstanding, but as many local media people have noted (from Eddie White to Dan Dakich to Bob Kravitz) this Colts team just doesn't look right. The offensive line is too weak. The defensive tackles are getting pushed around. The tackling is poor. The special teams returns have been awful.

Injuries have played a part, but what else is new. Injuries aren't an excuse for bad play. 'Next man up,' remember?

Yesterday, we tossed the idea of the Colts trading for Richard Seymour from the Raiders. It probably won't happen, but if it did I'd do cartwheels. Today, we focus a bit on a player who, in my opinion, is not better than Seymour, but who many people think is better: Albert Haynesworth.

It's no secret Haynesworth desperately wants out of Washington. He does not fit the Redskins new 3-4 scheme, and his 'relationship' with head coach Mike Shanahan is icy, as best. Shanahan has the Redskins are unlikely to trade him today. I don't believe him. Know why?

Well, for starters, Haynesworth didn't play Sunday night against the Colts even though he was, supposedly, healthy. To me, sounds like Washington was protecting him because they were holding out for trade options today. Second, news is circulating that the Redskins lowered their asking price for Haynesworth.

The Redskins have been holding out for a second-round pick, according to sources, but the price could be dropping, sources say, with the deadline now just hours away.

A second round pick for Hayensworth is still a pretty good deal. Remember, the Colts surrendered a second rounder for Booger McFarland back in 2006. If the price for Haynesworth is now a third rounder, that's an even better deal. Personally, I've never liked Haynesworth. He's a dirty player who is known for taking plays off. That's not going to mesh well is d-line coaches like John Terrlinck.

Still, it's worth noting that right before Haynesworth signed his mega-deal with the Redskins in February 2008, Haynesworth was talking openly at the Pro Bowl about wanting to sign with the Colts. I've always suspected he used that venue to bump up his free agent price tag, but his words were enough to get even Peyton Manning to lobby for Fat Albert.

ESPN's NFL Live show had a clip of Haynesworth at the Pro Bowl talking about his pending free agency. He then said the Titans better sign him quick because... Albert then motions Robert Mathis to toss him a Colts helmet... because the team with the horseshoe logo looks like a team he would very much like to play for. Albert goes on to say the Colts are a great team because of Peyton, Reggie, and Dwight.

Here's what Manning said at the time:

"But Albert deserves to have a great contract," Manning said. "I’d love for him to come to Indianapolis. If he doesn’t, I’d like him to leave the division … I’m getting tired of us having to triple team him to get him blocked. (Center) Jeff Saturday says it’s just a nightmare playing against him. So come to us, or go to the NFC."

It's unlikely that Haynesworth will be a Colt by the end of the day today, but I'm pretty certain the Redskins will trade him to someone. Still, if the asking price is only a second or third rounder, why not? There is no salary cap. So, the excuse of 'We don't have the cap space' doesn't work. We also know the team is loaded with money, meaning Polian and Irsay can save me the 'We don't have the money to spend' nonsense.

If DT is still a problem area, then someone like Haynesworth certainly boosts the position from a talent standpoint. The question is, in this environment, would Haynesworth thrive? Would he play hard 100% of the time? I'm not so certain. If no deal is done, Haynesworth's attitude is likely the reason why.