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Shock Of all Shockers! Colts Waive Kenneth Moore After Two Fumbles Against Redskins

There are just... just no words to describe this... this absolute SHOCKER of a news update we just received via Aerostar193:

Colts waived WR Kenneth Moore.

Moore had been doing some kick and punt returning but wasn't seeing any action on offense. He's a decent special teams player but sealed his fate when he fumbled twice (losing one) Sunday night.

I know folks. I know. I had to sit down when I read this. It came totally out of the blue. Sure, Kenneth Moore had two 'WTF IS THAT!' fumbles Sunday night. Sure, he was known to have muffed a key punt last season as a member of the Carolina Panthers. But to cut him today, two days after he nearly cost the Colts their fourth win of the season... I just... I just don't have the words to describe my level of shock.

Moore averaged 6 yards per punt return and 20 yards per kick return. He also has three fumbles in his three year career.

For Rotoworld (quoted above) to call him 'decent' is them being generous. Moore stinks as an NFL return man. I'm surprised the Colts let him fly back with the team from DC Sunday night after the game.