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Colts Punter Pat McAfee Arrested For Public Intoxication

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article saying that punter Pat McAfee is not the Colts 'liquored up kicker.' Looks like I was wrong.

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was arrested early Wednesday morning for public intoxication.

Metro Police tell 24-Hour News 8 a woman called 911 to report a suspicious person with no shirt on at the corner of Broad Ripple Avenue and North College Avenue at around 4:45 a.m. Wednesday.

When officers arrived at the scene they confronted the man who was later identified as Pat McAfee.

According to the police report, the officer immediately smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from McAfee, his eyes were watery red and blood shot, his speech was slurred and he was soaking wet.

As Mike Florio noted, the temperature in Indianapolis at 4:45am this morning was 39 degrees.

This is the second time this season where a Colts player has been arrested for public intoxication. The first was defensive tackle John Gill, who was found drunk and soiled in a ditch outside a strip club back in August. Gill was placed on IR after that incident.

Back in September, another Colts defensive tackle, Fili Moala, was arrested for a DUI. This is starting to look like a trend, folks.

The Colts and Bill Polian have issued a statement in McAfee's arrest, saying:

"We are aware that Pat McAfee was arrested this morning and charged with public intoxication," team president Bill Polian said in a news release. "We are in the process of gathering the relevant facts. When that task is complete, we will deal immediately with the issue of club discipline. Until we complete that process, we will have no further comment."

I doubt the Colts will do anything drastic, like cut McAfee. Still, from a PR standpoint, It doesn't look good when your kicker from West Virginia is making headlines for things outside of football, reminding everyone of the Colts former-kicker from West Virginia.

Pat also stirred some ruckus on the Internets a few weeks ago when he flipped out over an article I wrote which quoted a Tweet from him. He took to Twitter and said some nasty things about our site. He later chatted with me via email, and all seems well.

Despite this silly and immature arrest (and Pat's somewhat silly reaction to our article a few weeks ago), we still very much like Pat at Stampede Blue. We root for him. We know he's worked very hard to try and break the stigma of 'idiot' kickers from West Virginia playing for the Colts.

Unfortunately, this arrest kind of undoes all that work a bit. He might now has to start from zero again.

From thebossuzzi in the comments:

Police had asked [Pat McAfee] if he had been swimming in the Broad Ripple Canal, which he responded,

“I don’t know.”
They then asked him why he was wet and he responded,
“It was raining.”
Too bad it hadn’t rained since the day before. Next, they asked him where his shirt was, he said
“It is in the water.”
They then asked him how much alcohol he had dranks and he replied,
“A lot cause I am drunk.”
McAfee told police he was waiting for a ride home but instead decided on taking a cab. He asked police if he could walk home saying,
“I know I am drunk but does that mean I cannot walk home?”
He then was arrested for public intoxication after having a BAC of .15 and taken downtown.