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Rumor: Dallas Clark Done For 2010 Season UPDATE Clark Out 'Indefinitely'

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I really, really hope this is is not true. From Matt Hoke, via Twitter:

Rumor: Dallas Clark out for the year & Gijon Robinson has been signed by the #colts.

Matt's the Technical Director at the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis.

Earlier today, the Colts re-signed tight end Gijon Robinson. We all wondered why. If this is true, now we know.

[UPDATE]: From John Oehser:

coach Jim Caldwell on hand injury to Dallas Clark. "He's being evaluated." Not much more than that on Clark rumor from Caldwell.

[UPDATE]: From Phil Wilson:

Only rumors about Clark are on here, from people who aren't at the complex, who are speculating. No rumblings in locker room.

Matt Hoke, who first Tweeted the rumor, recently Tweeted this in response to someone telling him they were in 'full blown panic mode' regarding the rumor:

Me 2. Cant confirm, like I said earlier, just a rumor I heard.

We really, really, REALLY hope the rumor is false regarding Clark being done for the year. However, it does seem that what we did get out of this was that Dallas has some kind of hand injury. The extent of that injury is currently unknown.

Oh, and I'd like to take this time to welcome Matt Hoke to the wacky world of the Internet! Seems pretty clear Matt did not intend to cause the crap storm his did seems to have set off.

[UPDATE - mgrex03]: From ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Colts TE Dallas Clark is out indefinitely w/ hand/wrist injury. He plans to go for 2nd and 3rd opinions to determine how long he'll miss.

That doesn't sound good at all.