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Dallas Clark Needs Surgery On His 'Rare Wrist Injury'

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Really, writing all these stories about Colts player injuries sucks. But, regardless...

The prognosis for Colts uber-tight end Dallas Clark is not only bleak for the current 2010 season, but it seems bleak for his long term future with the team. From the Indianapolis Star [emphasis mine]:

"Dallas' injury is a rather rare injury," Polian said. "It's to a ligament in the hand that's been displaced. He's going to let us know later today what the specialists told him and what his thoughts are on how to proceed.

"I'm told that it's not something that's very safe to play with. It's likely that he will have to have it fixed (surgery), but I don't know the ramifications to that and I won't until later (Thursday night)."

Clark, Polian added, "will be out for a while, if not longer."

Adam Schefter Tweeted last night that Clark's injury is expected to require surgery. Clark visited the Cleveland Clinic yesterday, looking for a second opinion on the wrist.

Folks, if a ligament has been 'displaced' from Dallas' wrist or hand, he's pretty much done for 2010. That kind of injury will indeed require surgery and some rather lengthy physical therapy. Dallas is a receiver first, a blocker second. Without the use of a key ligament in his hand or wrist, it's impossible for him to catch the football.

Obviously, we hope Dallas heals fully and completely from this. But, for 2010, his season looks over.

I'm on record now as saying this season is done for the Colts without Dallas Clark. Indy has zero shot to make the Super Bowl, let alone win it, without him. His likely replacement, Jacob Tamme, is a very solid player and will probably do a fine job. But, as solid as Tamme is, he's not a difference maker like Dallas Clark. A team cannot afford to lose key difference makers during a season and truly expect to contend.

I don't mean to be 'Debby Downer' here. I'm trying to look at this objectively. Other than Manning, Clark is the single most important cog in the Colts offense. Loosing Clark on offense is like the Steelers losing Troy Polamalu on defense.

I hope I'm wrong here. I really do.