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Roster Move Soon For Colts? UPDATE Colts Sign Punter

At, the roster page has not been updated since Oct. 21st. Dallas Clark, who we know was IRed on Friday, is still listed on the active roster. However, Clark's roster replacement, Gijon Robinson, is listed. This means that with Clark on IR, the Colts have an extra roster spot.

The question is, who will they bring in?

Remember, Pat McAfee is suspended for Week Eight against the Texans. Unless the Colts are comfortable with Adam Vinatieri handling all the kicking duties (which I doubt they are), the open roster spot for Week Eight will likely be a punter. But after McAfee returns, the rent-a-punter will likely be waived and we're back down to 52 actives again.

Does the open spot mean we could see Brandon James promoted from the practice squad? John Chick? Another safety getting signed?

The problem areas right now for the Colts are safety and wide receiver. Both areas were very deep entering the season. Now, that depth is nearly depleted.

[UPDATE]: Colts sign punter Jeremy Kapinos.