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Was Colts Coach Jim Caldwell's Timeout Late In The Fourth Quarter Against The Jaguars A Good Idea?

We wrote about this a little bit over at SB Nation Indiana:

With 36 seconds left in regulation, the Jaguars were backed up to their own 23-yard line and looking to run out the clock and send their game against the Colts into overtime tied 28-28.

However, rather than let the clock run out and take his chances in overtime, Colts coach Jim Caldwell called a timeout. This allowed Jacksonville to regroup its offense, and three plays later Jaguars quarterback David Garrard hit receiver Tiquan Underwood for 22 yards to the Indianapolis 41-yard line.

That play was all the room Jags kicker Josh Scobee needed. The veteran known for making long, last-second, game-winning kicks against the Colts, nailed a 59-yarder with time expiring. Jaguars won the game 31-28.

Simple question: Was it a good idea? Did it help the Jaguars beat the Colts?

We imagine 'The Bill Polian Show' will provide us with all sort of excuses tomorrow evening. Between now and then, Jim Caldwell will likely have to explain himself over and over again for that rather puzzling timeout. But, as seemingly 'dumb' as Caldwell's timeout was, it was nothing compared to the overall 'dumb' play of the Colts defense.

31 points allowed to an offense that had only one passing TD coming into the game. I'm still seeing red.