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Update On Colts Safety Melvin Bullitt - Out for the Season

Just got this Tweet sent to me by Will Carroll, aka injuryexpert on Twitter, when I asked for an update on Melvin Bullitt:

Looked like a stinger

Bullitt left the game yesterday with an apparent shoulder injury. Not sure if it is the same shoulder that has always bothered him.

For those of you clamoring for Bob Sanders to return, I kindly remind you that Melvin Bullitt has, for the most part, been the starting safety for this team for nearly three seasons. He's played remarkably well in the past (4th and 2) and is NOT the reason this defense has looked terrible to start the 2010 season. He hasn't played great, but he also hasn't played terrible. Also, unlike Bob, Melvin plays hurt.

So, please, let's hold off on any Bullitt hating.

[UPDATE]: From Rotoworld:

Melvin Bullitt left Sunday's loss to the Jaguars in the third quarter with a shoulder injury and did not return. This is a major concern for the Colts as the injury is to the same shoulder that Bullitt had offseason surgery on. With Bob Sanders (biceps) out indefinitely, DaJuan Morgan is going to have a lot of pressure on him. Bullitt is headed for tests to determine the severity of his apparent aggravation

[ANOTHER UPDATE]: From Adam Schefter:

Colts S Melvin Bullitt felt a tear in his right shoulder yesterday, underwent an MRI today, results still unknown. Bob Sanders already out.

[ONE LAST UPDATE]: From Adam Schefter:

Colts S Melvin Bullitt, Bob Sanders' replacement and Indy's special team captain, is out for season with broken bone in his right shoulder.