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ESPN's Paul Kuharsky Thinks Colts Losing Melvin Bullitt Might Be A Back Breaker

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Paul Kuharsky provides an interesting quote from Bill Polian, circa last week prior to the Jaguars game:

"The depth isn’t what we’d like to have there at safety, but hopefully we’ll continue to be OK. That’s probably the area where we have the least depth and that’s simply because of injury. You could never have imagined that both Jamie Silva and Bob [Sanders] would go down for extended periods in the same year, that’s just bad luck but it happens to every team. You can’t change it."

Jamie Silva. Bob Sanders. Melvin Bullitt.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

All done for the season.

Yes, I know Bob is still on the active roster recovering from a torn biceps tendon and is not, technically, 'done' for 2010. Personally, I have no faith that the oft-injured safety will return to play this year. If he does, how can we trust that he won't get hurt again on some freak play? I know some people around here still have faith in him. God bless you people, but I don't have your faith. Sanders is made of glass, and I don't think the guy is worth a sack of wet mice, let along $37 million dollars. Also, Bob's time with the Colts is likely finished after this season, and for me it's good riddance.

The Colts are now left with DaJuan Morgan and Brandon King to play strong safety. I know. I'm scared too.

This is killer news for the Colts, as safety is their thinnest position. Jamie Silva was lost to injury in the preseason and Bob Sanders (biceps) is out until at least the middle of November.

This is a giant loss for a defense that’s been struggling. Bullitt is usually a steady and reliable player and it’ll be tough to replace him.

For all the crap we've given Bill Polian on this site this season for shooting off his mouth and failing to provide any talent along the offensive line for Peyton Manning to work with this season, the issues at safety this season are most certainly not his fault.

Yes, giving Sanders that $37.5 million contract in 2008 was a mistake. Sanders clearly is not worth that much money. But, losing Bullitt and Silva (both of which are strong back-up options at safety) in less than two months is the kind of injury luck that breaks defenses. You don't 'plan' for contingencies like that.

Going forward, we imagine the Colts will have to make some kind of trade for a veteran safety, or sign someone from the scrap pile. While Morgan and King are solid special teams contributors, they are not starting strong safeties in the NFL. I don't think 'next man up' is going to work here.