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Colts Make Slew Of Roster Moves: Cut Mitch King, Re-Sign Aaron Francisco, Devin Moore to IR

We posted earlier today that Melvin Bullitt's season was finished and that the Colts had signed wideout Kenneth Moore, formerly of the Panthers. In the Moore article, we noted that his signing suggested that the injury to kick returner Devin Moore was serious. Turns out, it was.

Like Bullitt, Moore was placed on IR today due to a severe-sounding spinal injury. PFT provides details:

The team also has announced that running back Devin Moore suffered a "brachial plexus injury" against the Jaguars, and that he'll be placed on injured reserve.  Per the Mayo Clinic's website, a "brachial plexus injury" constitutes an injury to the bundle of nerves that send signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hands.

Since we haven't seen anything that says that Devin cannot, you know, walk or move or anything like that, we assume he is OK. However, the injury suggests that further play could potentially cause more damage. This sounds like the kind of thing that could end Devin's career, which (if true) would be sad. Moore is an Indianapolis native, and a bit of a success story with a local boy makes good angle.

With Melvin Bullitt and Devin Moore done for 2010, the Colts signed the the before-mentioned Kenneth Moore while also bringing back Aaron Francisco. Francisco played for the Colts last season as a reserve safety and special teams player. Also added to the roster was Mike Newton, promoted from the practice squad.

Sadly, to make room for Newton, the Colts cut Mitch King. Somewhere, former-Stampede Blue writer Joe Baker is weeping softly in his beer.

While our friend Joe weeps, we think that Mitch might be back sometime soon. The Colts like him, and he has played well when he's been in there.

The additions of Kenneth Moore, Aaron Francisco, and Mike Newton were to bolster the special teams. Remember, Bullitt was a team captain for his special teams play. Losing him means losing not just a good safety, but an excellent special teams player. Jamie Silva, another good ST player, is on IR as well. While Francisco and Newton offer little in the safety department, they are good special teamers (Francisco especially).

For kick returns, look for either Justin Tryon or Kenneth Moore to take over for Devin Moore.

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