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Colts Punter Pat McAfee Thinks Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Is Dumb UPDATE Pat Doesn't Like Our Title

Yeah, I'll admit the title is a bit sensational. But, after you read Colts punter Pat McAfee's Tweet, you'll see where I'm going:

Randy Moss for a 3rd round draft choice? Im not a mathmetist nor a scientician but that doesn't add up.

On the surface, Pat is right. It doesn't 'add up,' so to speak. Moss is considered by many to be the best WR in football. To get only a third round pick for him seems pretty stupid.

Imagine if Bill Polian traded Reggie Wayne to the Redskins for a third rounder. This place would EXPLODE and people would be throwing all kinds of nasty words at Bill Polian because, obviously, a trade like that would be dumb.

In the end, what this all comes down to is money. Randy Moss wanted the same contract Andre Johnson got. The Patriots were unwilling to give him that, and thus traded him. This past off-season, Reggie Wayne skipped OTAs and mini-camp because he wanted a new contract. The Colts will either give Reggie that contract, or they will do to him what the Pats did to Randy Moss.

Like the Randy Moss situation, if the Colts are unwilling to pay Reggie, that's a dumb move on their part. Giving $37 million to Bob Sanders, but being cheap with Reggie Wayne, also 'doesn't add up.'

Oh, Reggie Wayne is currently leading the league in receiving yards (456) and catches (33). Just though I'd throw that out there.

[UPDATE]: What a shock! Moss was traded because he was, get this, a 'distraction.' Such a laughable farce of a player.

[UPDATE]: Well, turns out Pat didn't like our title: is completely false and a horrible piece of "journalism" I said nothing about anybody, all I did was compliment Randy Moss

Well, if this site were a newspaper or anything like that, I'd agree with Pat. However, we're a blog, and unlike newspapers or the like (who I would loosely describe a bastions of 'journalistic integrity') we can speak what we like here.

If Randy Moss was only traded for a third rounder, well then that means someone undervalued Moss' ability. That someone is Bill Belichick, who is the lord and master of all things in New England. As was clearly hinted at in Pat's Tweet, trading an elite wide receiver like Moss for, essentially, nothing seems like a 'dumb' move (or, as Pat put it, a move that 'doesn't add up.').

Thus, Belichick is dumb to have traded Moss for a third rounder.

BTW, we still like Pat and think he is a great guy. We can also understand why he'd freak out over seeing someone say that he thinks Bill Belichick is stupid. At some point in Pat's career, he might have to play for Bill, and he doesn't want anything floating out there suggesting that Pat questions the judgment of a powerful NFL figure.

Then again, Pat could have just not Tweeted that he felt the Moss trade didn't 'add up,' because doing so, you know, questioned the judgment of Bill Belichick.