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Jim Caldwell Doesn't Know Who Will Start At Safety For The Colts

Contrary to what he is saying publicly, I'm not one to truly believe that Jim Caldwell truly doesn't know who his starting safety is come Sunday. I have no doubt about Phil Wilson's reporting skills. If he says Caldwell 'doesn't know,' I'm inclined to believe that those words were spoken from Caldwell's lips to Wilson's ears.

Again, I just don't believe them.

coach Jim Caldwell says he doesn't know who will start at safety. He has four guys to choose from, King, Morgan, Francisco, Newton.

I'm pretty sure Caldwell knows who will start. If he inserts Mike Newton or Aaron Francisco, well then that's a pretty damning incitement of DaJuan Morgan (who been on the team for a few weeks) and Brandon King (who has been with the team since April).

If King is fully recovered from his hamstring injury, King is likely the starter. The reason the Colts signed Morgan in the first place was because of King's hamstring and Bob Sander's biceps injury.