Colts Week Five Wednesday Injury Report

RB: Joseph Addai (knee) - Full Participation
Donald Brown (hamstring) - Did Not Participate

WR: Austin Collie (foot) - Did Not Participate
Pierre Garcon (hamstring) - Full Participation
Anthony Gonzalez (ankle) - Did Not Participate
Reggie Wayne (knee) - Did Not Participate

OT: Charlie Johnson (foot) - Full Participation


Jamie Richard (shoulder) - Full Participation


Dwight Freeney (rested) - Did Not Participate

LB: Gary Brackett (back) - Full Participation
Kavell Conner(foot) - Did Not Participate
Clint Session (hamstring) - Full Participation

DB: Antoine Bethea (hamstring) - Did Not Participate
Brandon King (hamstring) - Full Participation
Jacob Lacey (foot) - Did Not Participate
Jerraud Powers (foot) - Full Participation
Bob Sanders (biceps) - Did Not Participate

I don't like seeing all 4 WRs and so many DBs on the injury report. They do seem to come in waves though so helpfully our will get out of the way early so we can be healthy later in the year!

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