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Baby J Back On The Colts! Colts Re-Sign Javarris James

While I am sure many of you are just 'giddy' over whatever Pat McAfee update we have in store for you, please temper your anger at me and at all things related to Twitter for this one brief moment so that we can, collectively, enjoy this one slice of 'Hell yeah!' awesomeness: The Colts have re-signed Javarris James, and they have added him to the active roster.

Javarris James, as you all know, Edgerrin James' cousin. 'Baby J,' as Javarris is often called, was with the Colts all off-season, through training camp, and in the pre-season. He was cut prior to Week One when the Colts needed to trim their rosters to 53 active players. The Patriots signed him to their practice squad, but he was recently released only to land on the Redskins practice squad.

Today, the Colts signed him directly from the Redskins PS, meaning Baby J (by rule) is on the Colts active roster.

[UPDATE]: As some noted in the comments (thank you!), the Colts dropped linebacker Tyjuan Hagler to make room for Baby J. Indy Star writer Phil Wilson doesn't understand why Hagler was cut. Cue me posting a Tweet reading, Wilson thinks Bill Polian is dumb.

I don't think we've seen the last of Tyjuan. The Colts are currently carrying five safeties. I don't look for DaJuan Morgan to stick around much longer, and neither does Phil.

BTW, Adam Schefter's Tweet regarding the Colts recent roster moves is quite humorous:

Colts signed free agent running back Javarris James and terminated linebacker Tyjuan Hagler

Thank you ty46 for highlighting that for us.

The positive here is that a player most of us liked and rooted for in pre-season is getting a shot with the team that his family has strong ties with. Edgerrin James is a legend among Colts fans, and he might be the greatest running back in franchise history. Now having his cousin on the team is a very nice 'feel good' story. We pulled for Javarris all during camp, and we will continue to root for him now.

Unfortunately, if the Colts are signing someone like Baby J to the active roster, it likely means that Donald Brown's hamstring injury is still not good. Brown did not practice yesterday, and hasn't practiced for well over a week. He missed last Sunday's game against the Jaguars.

With Baby J on the roster, and Brown likely sidelined, the pecking order at RB is probably along thel ines of Joseph Addai, Mike Hart, and Javarris 'Baby J' James.

Colts also added running back Brandon Minor to the practice squad.