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Picking the Brain of Super-Blog Arrowhead Pride

With this Sunday's clash between the Colts and Chiefs, it means we get to chat with the Head Honcho at Arrowhead Pride, Joel Thorman.  Joel just seems to be everywhere around SBNation, as he also lead SBN Kansas City.  He was kind enough to answer some questions we had about the Chiefs:

SB: What is the biggest change from 2009 to 2010?  What has shot them from Top 5 draft pick to Top 5 in the league?

AP: The play of the defense and the addition of Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator. Last year the Chiefs were miserable on defense ranking near the bottom of the league in nearly every major category. They didn't make many changes in the offseason because they already had a lot of high draft picks on the defense. It seems that they've finally started to pan out. The Chiefs are allowing less than two touchdowns per game so their defensive run compared to last year has been nearly unbelievable.

SB: We are very familiar with both the Chiefs' Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, seeing as they both coached for the Patriots back in the early 2000's.  Which one will be more important to beating the Colts on Sunday?

AP: Crennel. If you'll recall, he actually did pretty well against Peyton Manning while with the Patriots (and even with the Browns, statistically speaking). I think Crennel will devise a game plan that will give the Chiefs the best chance to contain Manning. There is talent on the defense so there's no doubt that, if the Chiefs can run Crennel's game plan, they hold Manning from breaking any records on Sunday.

SB: The Chiefs are down by 4 with 1:50 on the clock, starting at their own 30 yard line, 1 timeout.  How confident are you that Matt Cassel can lead the Chiefs to a win?

AP: Zero confidence. That would mean the Chiefs would be in a situation where they have to pass the ball and everyone knows they're passing. That's not good. The passing game has been way to inconsistent for us to legitimately rely on it. I think with the Chiefs running backs that they can score but quickly scoring late in the game? The Chiefs aren't there yet.

For more from Joel, check out what he thinks the biggest strengths and weaknesses are for the Chiefs on SB Nation Indiana.  Everyone make sure to thank Joel when he stops by, and check out Arrowhead Pride for everything you'd ever want to know about the Chiefs, and more.