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Mitch King Returns To Colts, But On The Practice Squad

Yesterday, prior to the good news regarding Javarris James was reported, we noted that the Colts had cut Mitch King to make room on the active roster for players like Aaron Francisco and Mike Newton. On-time Stampede blue writer and longtime Mitch King love child uber fan, Joe Baker, was likely distraught when the news of King's termination from the roster was made public. 

Well, today, Joe can smile again because Mitch is back with the team. The Colts have signed King to their practice squad.

We wrote at the time of King getting cut that the Colts liked him and that, contrary to what some have said, he's played well. He hasn't lit the world on fire or anything, but his interior rushing skills are improving and he's getting near the QB (when he isn't blatantly held, of course).

The Colts, currently, have five six safeties on the roster, including Bob Sanders (whose been out since Week One). I suspect the someone like Mike Newton or DaJuan Morgan won't last past this weekend on the active roster. This means that we could see Mitch, or Tyjuan Hagler, back on the active roster soon.

Again, like Joe, I still hold out hope that Mitch King can develop into a good interior rusher for the Colts. He has the physical tools and the desire. If guys like Daniel Muir and Fili Moala can figure out how to stop the run, we might see more third and long situations requiring a rush tackle.

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