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Joseph Addai Expects To Return For Week Eleven At New England

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Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star caught up with Colts back Joseph Addai at a fan event in downtown Indy and asked him about his recovery from a shoulder injury he suffered three weeks ago:

Joseph Addai experienced a familiar tinge of pain in his left shoulder Tuesday. It didn't occur on the football field though. Instead, he was taping boxes during a fan event at Monument Circle.

After working on a couple of boxes, the Indianapolis Colts' leading rusher had to switch to his right hand.

"It's still hurting," he said, as 17 Colts fans waited in line for an autograph.

It's the first time in more than two weeks Addai has talked about his injury. He conceded the lack of full movement -- he can lift his left arm only to shoulder level -- makes a Sunday return against Cincinnati at Lucas Oil Stadium highly unlikely.

"I feel comfortable more about the New England game," Addai said of the Nov. 21 road game, "but I'm trying to come back for this game.

"The thing I notice is if I'm holding the football in this (right) arm, I'm holding it tight and I can grip it. In this (left) one, you hit it and it might fall out."

While Addai recovers, it is critical Donald Brown start living up to his draft stock. Addai and Mike Hart are averaging 4.4 and 4.7 yards a carry, respectively. Running behind the same line, Brown is averaging 3.1.

Get well soon, Joseph.