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Colts Promote Brandon James From Practice Squad To Active Roster

Earlier today, I wrote that the reported promotion of Chris Brooks to the active roster was a slap in the face to Brandon James. Brooks has been with the team since September 29th while James has been with the team since the day after the 2010 NFL Draft concluded. However, James had a rocky preseason, fumbling a punt return which resulted in a touchdown for the Green Bay Packers in the Indianapolis Colts' third preseason game. He bounced back to score two touchdowns in the fourth game, but by then the Colts had made up their minds. James was cut and then re-signed to the practice squad.

With injuries limiting players like Justin Tryon and Jerraud Powers, the Colts have had to turn to players like Kenneth Moore to handle punt and kick return duties. Moore lasted one game. With all the injuries, one question many Colts fans have asked is, Where is Brandon James? Why not promote him from the practice squad? Writers like Phil Wilson of the Indy Star have suggested that the reason James has stayed on the PS is that the Colts simply don't think he's ready.

Today, Wilson broke the news that Brandon James has indeed been promoted to the active roster.

Wilson also took back his earlier report that Chris Brooks was on the active roster. Brooks himself stated he hadn't heard he was. To replace James on the PS, the Colts have added a couple of former-Big Ten rivals, wideout Roy Small of Ohio State and corner David Pender from Purdue.

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