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The Colts Absolutely Cannot Afford To Lose Jacob Tamme

This news is sickening:

TE Jacob Tamme had a couple drops, but also made some big plays. Yet he played with a bad back. I’m told he could barely walk after the game. He’s hurting.

If the Colts are without Jacob Tamme against a New England Patriots defense that has, traditionally, been eaten alive by Colts tight ends, we are in trouble next week.

Since all-world tight end Dallas Clark went down with a freak wrist injury against the Redskins, Jacob Tamme has stepped in and caught 24 passes for 265 yards and two TDs in just three games. His 10.4 yards per catch are better than Dallas Clark's 9.4 average he was getting before getting hurt. Also, in six games, Clark had 37 catches. Tamme is on his way to doubling that production.

Now, this is not to say Jacob Tamme is 'better' than Clark. He isn't. But for Tamme to come in and produce like this in Clark's absence is a rare bright spot in what is developing into an awful 2008 draft class for Bill Polian. 2008 First day pick Mike Pollak has been benched once again this season, and third rounder Philip Wheeler has also lost his job. Tamme is Round Four is looking like Polian's best pick that year.