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Mike Pollak Benched Because He Stinks

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Phil Wilson talked to Jim Caldwell after the game and got an explanation as to why 2008 second round pick Mike Pollak was benched in favor of 2010 undrafted nobody Jeff Linkenbach. Phil discussed Caldwell's answer in his live chat:

Caldwell said liked what they saw in practice and wanted more physicality at the position. Guess that tells us Pollak is back in the doghouse.

An offensive lineman drafted by Bill Polian who doesn't play physical? Where have we heard that before?

On the flipside, it's nice to see Linkenbach get more time on the field. He's deserved it. Currently, our team's starting offensive line consists of a 6th rounder at left tackle, two undrafted guards, an undrafted center, and an over-the-hill 4th round guard.

Meanwhile, our 2008 first round pick* left tackle (Tony Ugoh) is out of football and our 2008 second round pick (Mike Pollak) just lost his starting job for the second year in a row to an undrafted rookie. Ryan Lilja (who Polian mysteriously cut from the roster back in March) is likely going to the Pro Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs, while former Indiana University left tackle Rodger Saffold, who Polian passed on to take the initially disappointing Jerry Hughes, is the starting left tackle for the St. Louis Rams.

Again, Bill Polian is a great talent evaluator and is likely going to the Hall of Fame. However, in recent years, the man has been slipping. His track record for drafting quality linemen in the early rounds is terrible the last three years. Pollak and Ugoh are busts. Steve Justice (fifth round in 2008) is also out of football and Jamey Richard (7th round 2008) just lost his starting job to Kyle DeVan.

*Colts traded a first round pick in 2008 to move up in 2007 and draft Ugoh in Round Two.