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Colts Re-Sign Safety Chip Vaughn

Chip Vaughn was cut last week because the Colts didn't have any wide receivers available and needed to promote practice squad player Chris Brooks. On Monnday, Brooks was waived from the active roster. Taking his place today: Chip Vaughn.

From National Football Post:

Meanwhile, the Colts re-signed defensive back Chip Vaughn and announced the previously-reported release of wide receiver Chris Brooks.

Vaughn was cut by the Colts recently to make room for Brooks.

Now, he assumes his old roster spot.

Vaughn, 25, is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound former Wake Forest player.

He was drafted in the fourth round last year with the 116th overall pick by the New Orleans Saints.

This news could mean both Austin Collie and Blair White are returning to practice today. Both would give a big boost to the Colts offense that has looked putrid in recent weeks.