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Ominous Colts Injury News From Phil Wilson UPDATE Collie Cleared To Practice, Not Yet Cleared To Play

Back on November 4th, Bill Polian said on The Dan Dakich Show that if the Colts don't start getting players back soon, the team would need to take things week-to-week and 'pray.'

Based on this news from the Indy Star's Phil Wilson, we all should start praying:

All quiet in #Colts locker room today. No Collie, Hart, Addai, Session ... I seriously doubt any of them play Sunday at New England.

The Colts needed five turnovers to barely scrap by a bad Bengals team at Lucas Oil this past Sunday. Against the Patriots in Foxboro, the Colts aren't going to get five gift turnovers. And if Austin Collie, Joseph Addai, and Mike Hart do not play, this team will have a very difficult time scoring points.

[UPDATE]: Another Tweet from Phil:

Collie is cleared to practice but he has yet to be cleared to play, Caldwell said. Caldwell said Collie looks good as usual on field.