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2010 Colts Week Eleven Injury Report- Friday

This all-important Friday injury report brings both good news and bad news for the Colts:

Full practice: Austin Collie (concussion), Brody Eldridge (ribs), Blair White (shoulder), Reggie Wayne (knee), CB Kelvin Hayden (neck).

Limited practice: Aaron Francisco (ribs). 

No practice: Joseph Addai (neck), Gary Brackett (toe), Mike Hart (ankle), Bob Sanders (biceps), Clint Session (elbow), CB Justin Tryon (foot).

General rule of thumb is anyone who did not practice today probably won't play Sunday against the Patriots. Also, Phil Wilson is Tweeting:

About #Colts WR Austin Collie, we will know late Saturday if he makes trip. If he isn't cleared, team has to report guys who don't travel.

If Collie, White, and Eldridge return, the Colts have a chance. Not much, but at least a chance. If Brackett does not play, look for Pat Angerer to once again start at MIKE linebacker.

Big tip to Z.Pain