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Captain Of The Tailgate - The Best Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Another day, another sponsored post here at Stampede Blue.

As you all digest the good and the bad from Friday's injury report, I thought I'd take a second to talk about Thanksgiving food as we get ready for this weekend's schedule of games in addition to the games we will get on Thursday of next week for Thanksgiving. I have no idea if these menu ideas go well with rum, but I imagine they could.

I'm not someone who eats a lot of meat or poultry. I have nothing against people who do, but in general cow, pig, chicken, and turkey just aren't my thing. So, for my spouse (who is a vegetarian) and I, we tend to have trouble coming up with ideas for Thanksgiving. This year, we decided to look to Scandinavia for some inspiration, and found a place that gave us some really excellent non-Turkey dishes for Turkey Day.

From the website New Scan Cooking, associated with the TV show, we found some really cool recipe ideas.

We also plan to make make stuffed portobello mushrooms, apple-pecan cornbread stuffing, and a pumpkin creme brulee. Again, we're kind of non-traditional with Thanksgiving. 

So, what are your Thanksgiving meal ideas? Fried turkey? Special stuffing? Pumpkin pie? Use the comments to feed us your ideas.

Do you drink wine, beer, or rum with your meal? I'm more of a wine guy with dinner (sorry Captain Morgan).

After the jump, Marisa Miller fighting a Johnny Depp-looking pirate, because nothing says 'Thank You' like a hot model on a beach with a sword in her hand.