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Colts Receiver Anthony Gonzalez Is, Once Again, Hurt

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From John Oehser:

coach Jim Caldwell said WR Anthony Gonzalez sustained injury Monday. Didn't know nature /extent: "He did get banged up a little bit."

The play we all assume got Gonzo hurt was the cheap shot Bernard Pollard laid him him in the fourth quarter as he stumped out of bounds. Yes, Pollard is garbage for taking the cheap shot. He's a known dirty player, and kind of has to be. Pollard lacks this thing we call 'talent' when playing the safety position. He cannot cover anyone. To justify his game check, he has to compensate by 'playing physical.'

But, regardless, the story here isn't Pollard's cheap shot. It's Gonzo's durability. On Dan Dakich's radio show for 1070 prior to the game, Indianapolis Star writer Bob Kravitz said Gonzo needed to step up and perform. If not, Gonzo's long term prospects for the Colts were shot.

For the most part, Gonzo did step up last night.

However, equally important to Gonzo stepping up and contributing was having him finish the game. Gonzalez has not completed a regular season game since the 2008 season. I know some people out there think he is 'cursed' or 'snake bit.' It's not that at all. Gonzo is a nice guy. I've met him more than once. It breaks your heart to see a good guy go through this, but the simple reality is this Gonzo is not tough enough to play in the NFL.

If Gonzo misses any time due to this new injury, it will just re-affirm what we all pretty much know: 2010 is Gonzo's last year with the Colts.