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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Colts Travel To Foxboro To Face Patriots

As you wake up this morning, rubbing that white crude from your eyes and the corners of your dehydrated mouth, we here at Stampede Blue are committed to providing you with up-to-date news about the Colts even on days when we too are a little bit hung over.

Thus, the Sunday Morning Bloody Mary posts.

Yes, it has a corporate sponsor. Most special posts ideas have people who want to use them as a way to push products. In this case, vodka and tomato juice in the morning seems to fit our theme.

The Colts have already traveled to Foxboro for the now seemingly annual War of 18-12. Staying behind are five players, including three starters: Joseph Addai, Clint Session, Gary Brackett, Justin Tryon, and Mike Hart. This means that our annual battle with the Pats will be without three players that have, traditionally, given the Patriots all kinds of fits: Addai, Brackett, and Dallas Clark (who is on IR).

This means that rookies like Pat Angerer and key reserves like Jacob Tamme and Donald Brown must step up. Angerer and Brown are probably the biggest keys.

Stick around here all day for more news and notes about The War Of 18-12, along with updates about the other games.