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Captain Of The Tailgate - Happy Thanksgiving, Now Where's The Dessert!

First off, this is a special Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of Stampede Blue.

Thank you for making our little slice of the Internets a special one. Because of people like you, people like Marisa Miller and the pirates at Captain Morgan care enough to buy ad space on this blog. This is so we can make a little money and, hopefully, not get Stampede Blue writer Collin McCollough evicted from his friggin apartment on Thanksgiving.

So, thank you, as always, for reading us and being a part of our Colts community.

As I often try and do with sponsored posts, I work to weave them into the overall fabric of the site and making the substance of the posts about something a few of you will care about. We started off with a general tailgating food post and followed it up with what my family plans to cook today for Thanksgiving dinner. Today, I wanted to throw out another Thanksgiving post, only this time dedicated to dessert and booze. I touched briefly on those two things in the last post. Now, I'd like to expand on them.

I'm posting my dessert and booze ideas after the jump. With me after the jump is model Marisa Miller fighting a dirty hipster on a Caribbean beach. Enjoy.

So, for dessert at Thanksgiving this year, I've decided to forgo the Pumpkin Creme Brulee because, quite honestly, I'm the only one who wanted it. Everyone else wants a berry pie, or a berry crumble. We've opted for berry crumble.

Because my spouse and I are gluten intolerant (meaning we can eat gluten but not large amounts of it), we tend to make our crumble without breadcrumbs or a traditional crust. Instead, we use shredded coconut as the crumble, and when heated to just the right amount in an oven, it can char to a consistency that makes it seem like bread crumble.

Plus, it tastes friggin great!

I'm a big blueberry and blackberry junkie. So, any excuse to make a berry pie or crumble makes me happy.

For booze, if we have berries and we're entertaining guests, I normally go vodka or gin (sorry Captain Morgan folks). We were tasting some Polish vodka last night that we think can do the job for cocktails using blackberries or (my personal favorite berry for drinks) raspberries.

I almost always enjoy white wine with dinner. Pinot Grigio (I lived in Italy for a little bit) or a Reisling. A white Bordeaux is awesome as well. I'm not as big a wine freak as some of my friends, but one thing that is kind of cool (especially if you are stuck in some kind of double date thing with friends or another married couple) is to go to a local wine bar and do 'flights' of different kinds of wines. Many wine bars also serve food, like clams, oysters, shrimp, cheese, and other things that go well with wine.

For Thanksgiving this year, it's Pinot Grigio on the table.

During football games, I always, always, ALWAYS gravitate or beer. If I'm at a bar that forces you to order a minimum of drinks in order to watch a game, I usually order gin drinks. Normally, I don't like filling up on cheap beer.

Good football beer for me is Brooklyn Lager, Sam Adams (never during Patriots week though), and Stella Artois. I love Pilsner Urquell this time of year as well. LOVE IT! It's a bottom-fermented brew from Bohemia, Germany.

When you break away from family and friends today, and just so happen to log into here, share your Thanksgiving dessert and booze ideas below. Or, if you missed our last post, post about what did and didn't taste good at the table today.

Happy Thanksgiving all. Be safe, and enjoy the company of friends and family today.

Oh, and Go Colts!