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NFL Week Twelve: Colts Thursday Injury Report

Phil Wilson gives us an injury report from yesterday, saying:

RB Joseph Addai (shoulder), CB Justin Tryon (foot) limited on Thursday. But that's first time Tryon has participated since injury.

Players who did not practice yesterday included Gary Brackett, Austin Collie, Brody Eldridge, Bob Sanders, Clint Session, and Reggie Wayne. Wayne was sitting out to rest is chronically sore knee. Javarris James also practiced. He sat out Wednesday.

Today's injury report will give us a better idea of who will play. Seems pretty obvious Brackett is out again along with Collie, Session, and Sanders. The last time Gary Brackett was out against the Chargers was the 2008 playoffs. In that game, both Antonio Gates and Darren Sproles had field days. Hopefully, Pat Angerer can fill-in and provide a better option at MIKE against the Chargers over what Freddy Keiaho did in 2008.