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Captain Of The Tailgate - What's The Worst Drink You've Ever Had At A Party Or Tailgate

So, we close up this little sponsored post series with more discussion about booze. I hope you enjoyed the previous articles. I try and make this stuff as relevant relate to football as much as possible.

Oh, and a small correction: In the last article in this series, I incorrectly stated that the beer Pilsner Urquell was from Bohemia, Germany. I was wrong. The area where Pilsner Urquell is made is part of the Czech Republic.

Tip to reader MadStork. BTW, if you are ever in NYC, I highly recommend this place.

For this last Captain Morgan sponsored post, I'm trying to remember the worst beverage I ever had at a sports bar or tailgating party.

I once had a 'Colts drink' at a New York bar that wasn't 'bad,' but blue colored vodka just doesn't sound appetizing for me. Anything mixed with Tequila will send me straight to the floor. But, probably my worst drink ever was root beer flavored schnapps. My God, the thought of it making me go and rinse my mouth out!

Toss into the comments the worst drinks you've ever had. Thanks for reading this series. After the jump, Marisa looking hot with a cutlass.