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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: A Refresher On Today's Injury Report

Such an appropriate title for a reminder of this evening's injury report for the Colts as they take on the Chargers.

OUT: Bob Sanders, Austin Collie

DOUBTFUL: Joseph Addai

QUESTIONABLE: Gary Brackett, Brody Eldridge, Mike Hart, Javarris James, Clint Session, Justin Tryon, and Reggie Wayne.

It's likely Hart will play, but as the #3 back behind Donald Brown and Javarris James. Reggie will play as well. Pat Angerer, Gijon Robinson, Tyjuan Hagler, and Cornelius Brown will all sub for Brackett, Eldridge, Session, and Tryon respectively.

Also, SB Nation Indiana has its picks up for today's games. There is also Matt and Eric's picks contest. Enjoy.