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Pre-Sunday Night Football Chit-Chat: The Cortland Finnegan V. Andre Johnson Edition- Open Thread

In typical Titans fashion, they lost their composure in a game against the Texans today. This is not an isolated incident for the Titans. Last year, it was a Week Two brawl between Titans players on the field and Texans players on the bench. This year, it was Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan tossing off their helmets and beating the ever loving piss out of each other.

Well, in actuality, Finnegan got his ass whooped. So did his team. They lost 20-0.

Obviously, this is not the first time Finnegan has acted like an ass in a Texans game. Both Finnegan and Johnson will be suspended for this fight. If they aren't, then the NFL 'personal conduct policy' is a farce.

Anyway, with both key players gone, so are the Titans and Texans. The Texans won today's game, and both teams are now 5-6. But without their best corner, the Titans are done. Without Andre Johnson, the Texans are done.

The other team that lost today was the Jaguars, who allowed the Giants to get back into their game in the second half after building a 17-6 lead. The Giants won 24-20.

This means that if the Colts win today, they are #1 in the AFC South.