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Sleeve On Peyton Manning's Throwing Arm Due To 'Abrasion'

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Last night, I asked Phil Wilson of the Indy Star to kindly check on the status on Peyton Manning. Manning wore a sleeve on his throwing arm most of the game. The last time he wore such a sleeve was on his non-throwing arm, which was affected after off-season neck surgery.

Phil, who is one of the nicest guys on the planet, Tweeted this just now:

#Colts coach Jim Caldwell said the wrap on QB Peyton Manning's throwing elbow was due to an abrasion he suffered from hitting the ground.

Obviously, we don't expect Jim Caldwell to come out and state that the Colts have been hiding an injury from their report since Week One. But, in this case, we are inclined to believe him. Back in Week One, we reported a rumor from a good source which stated Peyton was playing hurt due to an injury to either his neck or throwing shoulder. Supposedly, he receives constant treatment on this weekly in order for him to play.

The last two games, Peyton has thrown seven INTs with several of his tosses looking wobbly and off. Of course, that might not be injury. I mean, the guy might just be tried. He leads the league with 486 attempts.