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Sprint NFL Week Twelve Game Ball: Nobody

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Every week, I'm obligated to write a sponsored post discussing the player you all think deserves a game ball. This week, there will be no poll to determine who played the best for the Colts, and I think the reasons why are fairly obvious.

After last night's debacle against the Chargers, the worst home loss for the Colts since 1997, I've determined that no one deserves a game ball. This is not to say that people like Jacob Tamme (7 catches, 64 yards, 1 TD), Pierre Garcon (5 catches, 72 yards), or Pat Angerer (11 tackles) didn't bring their 'A' game last night. They did, and we applaud them.

But, when the team looks that bad at home in front of 60,000 people who paid hard-earned money for tickets, no one deserves a game ball. Loses like the one in New England I can take. Loses like last night are unacceptable.

Colts have some serious soul-searching to do, and it starts at the top with Bill Polian. Hopefully, next week we can have a game ball winner.