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Colts Cut Punter Jeremy Kapinos, Bring Back Pat McAfee From Suspended List

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Pat McAfee is a nice guy who did something was stupid a few weeks ago. He got drunk the day before practice, and at 5am in the morning took a dip in the freezing cold Broad Ripple Canal in northside Indianapolis. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

The act has spawned a line of humorous tee-shirts.

The stunt got McAfee suspended by the team for Monday night's victory over the Texans. With Pat suspended, the Colts needed a part-time punter and got one in Jeremy Kapinos. Kapinos did OK Monday night, punting twice, handling kick-offs, and teeing up field goals for Adam Vinatieri as a holder.

Today, a source tells National Football Post that Kapinos was waived and Pat McAfee has been reinstated from the suspended list.

Pat returns to the Colts just in time for their preparation to play the Eagles in Philadelphia, where swirling winds will likely be a factor in the kicking game.