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Dwight Freeney Named AFC Player Of The Week For NFL Week Eight

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For reasons that still baffle the mind, the Houston Texans thought throwing the football in Indianapolis was going to beat the Colts. The results were three sacks, two turnovers (including an INT for a TD), and a 31-17 Colts win.

Of those three sacks, Dwight Freeney accounted for two of them, including a forced fumble that essentially ended the game late in the fourth quarter. For his efforts, the NFL has awarded Dwight Freeney AFC Player of the Week honors.

Back in September, Freeney's partner in crime (Robert Mathis) was awarded AFC Defensive Player of the Month.Both Mathis and Freeney have a combined 10.5 sacks on the season thus far, including 4 forced fumbles.