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Luke Links: The "Walking Dead" Edition

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Here's what I'm thinking right now: realistically, this team is out S Bob Sanders, DT Antonio Johnson, RB Mike Hart, WR Anthony Gonzalez, CB Justin Tryon and RB Joseph Addai this week.  Very likely, WR Austin Collie, TE Brody Eldridge and CB Jerraud Powers do not play either.  And to some extent, there are questions about the availability of DE Robert Mathis, LB Clint Session and LB Kavell Conner.

I'm no math major, but that makes six guys whose presence on Sunday would be shocking, three guys who have to be considered highly unlikely to suit up and another handful who have at least some degree of difficulty getting out bed in the morning.  The Colts will try to dress 45 players this weekend, but I honestly don't know if they can do it.  They seem to get one player back every week and lose another three or four in the process.  At some point, half of this roster is going to be inactive.  They will be limping around 56th Street, groaning in their horrible undead inactive masses.  HIDE YOUR KIDS!  HIDE YOUR WIVES!  

The 2010 Colts are the football equivalent of the walking dead, no affiliation with the brilliant AMC series now airing Sundays at 10pm.  The infection keeps spreading.  And soon, it will surely claim all of them.  And probably a few keys off my laptop, as well.

If you dare, continue reading.  Someone will probably be dead by the time you reach the end.


Official Team News


Positive and Negative Analysis

News About This Week's Opponent

  • Les Bowen ( Speculation about Eagle DC Sean McDermott's job security will push him.
  • Chris McPherson ( Will WR DeSean Jackson return punts this weekend?
  • Associated Press LB Ernie Sims plans to repeal his $50,000 fine.


Around the League

  • David Climer (The Tennessean) discusses the pros and cons of the Randy Moss deal.
  • Richard Justice (The Houston Chronicle) When the Texans lay an egg, it's on head coach Gary Kubiak. [Editor's Note: anyone notice how no one is blaming Houston's defense?  Last I checked, Mike Hart actually averaged more yards-per-carry than Arian Foster...]
  • Vito Stellino (The Florida Times-Union) Jaguars' WR Mike Thomas is emerging as a playmaker.
  • Matt Williamson (Scouts, Inc.) looks at the Texans' pass rush (or lack thereof.)