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Captain of the Tailgate: Your Best Time Tailgating At Lucas Oil Or The RCA Dome

As you can tell by the site's background wallpaper today, we've been invaded by pirates carrying bottles of Captain Morgan's rum. While I have many a blurred memory due to the effects of drinking too much rum, the focus of our little sponsored post today is tailgating. Since this is the first one, I thought I'd focus a bit on tailgating in Indianapolis at either Lucas Oil Stadium or the RCA Dome.

Truth be told, I've never tailgated at either stadium. Yes, I know. Another reason for people to hate me. I'm one of those idiots who actually buys the overpriced beer at the stadium instead of doing the sensible thing (aka, TAILGATING). I've always been a bit of a city guy. I went to a city university, and much of the 'tailgating culture' has passed me by. So, if you have an interesting tailgating experience at Lucas Oil or the old RCA Dome, post it in the comments.

What food do you bring?

What drinks do you carry?

I know some people who enjoy the tailgating more than the actual games (which is odd to me, but hey, whatever makes you happy!).

Oh, and I don't think I've ever had a rum drink while watching football. Like, ever! I did go to a Colts bar last year during the playoffs and they served a 'Colts Shot' which was something with blue food coloring in it. It might have had rum. Not sure. Of course, I drank it and then cheered Austin Collie's TD in the AFC Championship Game.

It's a rum and coke Friday, Colts fans. Enjoy.