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Colts Place Anthony Gonzalez On IR, Career With Colts In Doubt

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ESPN's Adam Schefter has spent much of this 2010 regular season providing us Colts fans with breaking news on how our team's favorite players keep 'breaking.' Today, he shoots us the news that the Colts have placed Anthony Gonzalez on the Injured Reserve list. This will end his 2010, and place a dark cloud over his future with the Colts.

This is the second year in a row Gonzo has landed on IR. Both injuries were knee injuries. In this case, his injury was a result of a dirty hit by known dirt bag Bernard Pollard of the Houston Texans. At some point, one has to assume that Pollard will 'get his.' I don't think Roger Goodell thinks well of an untalented nobody knocking out players like Tom Brady and Gonzo for entire seasons.

For Gonzo, this was a critical year for him. He needed to prove he was durable enough to last 16 games, especially since he had been demoted to a back-up role. He was unable to do so.

He likely will not be a member of this team next season, and has proven to be yet another disappointing first round selection made by Bill Polian, whose draft record in recent years has not measured up. If Gonzo is not part of this team next year, this will mean the Colts' first round picks from 2007 and 2008* will either be playing for someone else or out of football. If you look at Donald Brown, the first round pick of 2009, he's likely third on the running back depth chart if Joseph Addai and Mike Hart are healthy.

Three first round picks. Two are off the active roster, and one is a likely third stringer. That's terrible, no matter if your name is Bill Polian or Al Davis.

I won't go so far as to call Gonzo a 'bust,' but by year four he should have solidified a starting job. That's what first rounders are expected to do. However, because of durability issues, he lost his job to Pierre Garcon (6th round pick in 2008), and since he isn't very good as a special teams player there's just no reason to keep him past this season.

Gonzo's a good guy who has a passion for football. But, here in Indy, he just wasn't durable or 'tough' enough to stay on the field. And the harsh reality of NFL life is that injured players are useless players. I sincerely hope Gonzo heals up and is able to prolong his career, but it most likely will not be here in Indy.

*I concern Tony Ugoh a first rounder because it took the Colts 2008 first round pick to trade up to get him in round two of the 2007 NFL Draft. Ugoh is now out of football.