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Quick Recap: Eagles 26, Colts 24

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I guess if you have to lose a game, it might as well be to the other conference.  Despite even more injuries (Austin Collie, Gary Brackett, Philip Wheeler), the Colts still somehow had a chance to win on the road in a very hostile environment, falling to the Eagles 26 - 24.  Peyton Manning finished 31/52 for 294, 1 TD and 2 INTs, doubling his total for the year.

The stories of the game were 3rd Down Defense for the Colts, where it only seemed they could stop the Eagles when they were inside the red zone, and Penalties.  The Colts had 6 first downs via penalty, and the Eagles had over 100 yards in penalties, including the controversial one on the Colts second-to-last drive.  My only issue with it was that 2 plays earlier, Manning also got hit on the head when he was sacked, moreso than the Fourth Down play.  It's either they are both penalties, or neither are penalties.

What will make the most news tomorrow, probably across the board on sports talk, is the hit taken by Austin Collie at the end of the first half.  As a couple of my Philly friends can attest, I was outraged immediately after the play, and while he lay on the ground motionless.  In real-time, it certainly looked malicious, and I was enraged.  However, as they replayed it, Kurt Coleman, the Eagles DB who actually hit Collie in the head, looked to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The helmet-to-helmet hit should absolutely be penalized in that situation, but I wouldn't expect a hefty fine or suspension.