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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Vikings Metrodome Roof Collapses Due To Snow

Good morning!

As many of you are likely waking up to this, the roof of the Vikings' Metrdome collapsed this morning due to snowfall accumulation. Panels of the roof have broken off, and snow is indeed on the field. Officials are telling NFL Network that the stadium will not be ready in time for Monday night, when the Vikings were re-scheduled to play the Giants.

The game was originally scheduled for today, but winter storms forced the G Men to stay in Kansas City last night.

If the Metrodome isn't ready, the University of Minnesota does have a brand new field available. However, it is outdoors and there is roughly 16-20 inches of snow on the ground. Also, the night-time temperature in Minny is less than 10 degrees.

Personally, I say let them play outdoors. Shovel the snow away and let's see these NFL players go at it in weather that would make old-time Vikes coach Bud Grant proud. The Vikes went to four Super Bowls playing outdoors. If the Metrodome isn't ready, take it outside.