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Colts Sign Offensive Tackle Michael Toudouze, Cut Joique Bell

Stop me if you've heard this before: The Colts have signed Michael Toudouze.

If you've never seen that sentence posted here at Stampede Blue, chances are you haven't been reading us long. This is because, seemingly every season, the Colts sign, cut, and then sign again former 2006 fifth round pick Michael Toudouze. The last time he was signed to this team's active roster was almost exactly one year ago (Dec. 9th, 2009).

Honestly, why not just make him a part of the roster from, say, camp onward? He can't be much worse than Ryan Diem.

Anyway, today the Colts revived their yearly tradition of signing Michael Toudouze by, again, signing Michael Toudouze. To make room for Toudouze, the Colts have cut runningback Joique Bell.

By signing Toudouze, this indicates that start left tackle Charlie Johnson might not be able to play against the Jaguars Sunday. Phil Wilson pontificates on Twitter:

Reading into the #Colts roster move, this suggests LT Charlie Johnson's shoulder injury could keep him out at least this week, if not more.

The fun never stops folks. Honestly, if Peyton Manning has a good game this Sunday and the Colts win, Jack Del Rio's firing in Jacksonville should be a public event. Austin Collie likely out. Joseph Addai likely out. And now, the only lineman worth a damn (other than Jeff Saturday) might be out.

If the Jags defense can't stop Manning with all this stacked against him, they should fold as a NFL franchise and move to the Yukon to play in the CFL.